Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Feature: You can print the page that the recipe is on now!

I'm super excited! I just figured out (okay...the truth is I googled how to do it, and used a free tutorial) how to add a print option on my blog. Now this will allow you to print out each individual post instead of having to write it down. YEY! Just click on one of the items you want to print on the left hand side called Blog Archive. Once you have gone to the individual post, you will see a button labeled Print This Page, and if you don't want to print the whole post, you can just click on however many pages you want to print to get the recipe.

As I'm trying to figure out this world of blogging, you will see more and more new features as the time goes on. My question for today is, "What features would you like to see on this blog?" 

Happy Reading And Eventually Eating!



Anonymous said...

It'd be cool if you could archive by ingredient or type of recipe! (Like dessert, main dish, spring vegetables, gluten free, etc.) :)

awardrip said...

This is the #1 feature I was hoping for so far!!! Yippee!!!!!!!

The Rhodes Family said...

Yes...I need to start doing archives so you can do an easy search. I will be working on that next! :)

The Rhodes Family said...

Guess what? You can now search under what type of meal you want...chicken, vegeterian, etc. Check it out! :)


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