Thursday, April 29, 2010

Helpful Tips: Using a White Board to Help You Stay Organized

I use a white board on my fridge, and LOOOVE it! It really helps keep me organized throughout the day. Every day I write our agenda on there, and stuff I need to remember to do. Also, I have my shopping list stuck on there, so if I run out of any pantry items, I can write it down right away, because I KNOW I will forget later when it's time to do the meal plans for the week. 
It also makes a great teaching board. Our daughter, Hannah, is learning how to read, and because I spend most of my time in the kitchen, I can easily write a word on there and she can practice sounding it out and try to read it. I don't have to stop what I'm doing (ie. cooking or washing the dishes) to help her with a word in a book she is reading, and this is a fun game for her. 
Does anybody else do this? If not, what do you do to keep your agenda organized? Is it on the computer, do you just remember, or do you have a day planner? I would love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

hey! I used to do a white board but it broke and I didn't replace it. I have lists--LOTS of them. I keep my menu and grocery list on a magnetic pad on the refrigerator. When I have a particularly busy month, I make a month-long calendar and put what I need to do on each day--color coded for important things so I remember to do them! --Emily K

Marie said...

Hey! The white board is a great idea! I actually just write stuff down on scrap pieces of paper as soon as I remember them and then I put the pieces of paper next to the coffee maker. I know I'm going to have my cup of coffee every morning, so I won't forget whatever's there. :) Also, sticking something on the bathroom mirror helps. :)

The Pfannes Family said...

I also use a whiteboard, but I have one that has the whole month calendar on it. I write in all the activities, appts, the days I work, etc. so that I don't have to continually repeat myself and say "don't forget....on Sat...", etc. Then I usually keep a list on the counter daily for things I need to get done each day. I definitely feel like I've accomplished more if I can cross it off of a list!!


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