Favorite Cookbooks/Resources

Awesome book! The pictures of the food are amazing, and make you want to eat Brussels sprouts even if you don't like them. :) They have great instruction tips on things like how to roast bell peppers, how to make homemade flatbread, toasting barley, how to make homemade nut butters. Their recipes only include fresh ingredients, and I love that they include the Nutrition Facts for each recipe. Would highly recommend this book if you are a Vegetarian or would just like to incorporate more Vegetarian meals to your week and are not sure where to start. You can click on the title, and it will link you to amazon where you can buy it for under $20. 

Ellie Krieger: The Food You Crave 

If you've never heard of Ellie Krieger, check some of her stuff out. Her recipes are fantastic. I love how healthy and tasty they are! Two of my favorite recipes from this book are the Energy Bars and Nutty Granola. We make those two things on a regular basis at our house, and our daughter loves the granola on her yogurt every morning or as a snack. Yum! Ellie has beautiful pictures that accompany the recipes and she lists all the nutritional information just in case you are counting calories.


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